Tin-Jon Syiau

Founder & CEO
Tin-Jon aka TJ, graduated from UCLA School of Medicine specializing in Nephrology and currently operates Dr. TJ Syiau’s Med Corp. While building his medical career, he realized he has a passion to see the success of a project from the inside out. This led to his venture into real estate and his creation of RAC Development. He oversees the production of revamping properties. His portfolio includes large parcels under development, office buildings, and residential real estate.

Much like he has done with his medical career, TJ pays attention to every detail and has successfully helped investors purchase over 500 properties. TJ leads a driven team of associates and together they have flipped properties with business deals well over $200 million.


Hui Mei Cheng

Project Manager
Mei acts as project manager overseeing support for the acquisition department and the eviction team. Each day, she performs an in depth analysis of the market place surrounding the subject property to ensure client’s investments are profitable and safe. In addition, she also provides support for all unlawful detainer cases and other on-going litigations regarding real estate.

Daniel Lin

Acquisitions/Vacation Rental

Donavan Chau 

Aquisitions/ Property Improvement

Erica Chen

Erica Chen holds the Controller position at RAC. Erica holds a BA in Finance and has extensive experience in loans cost control. She is responsible for management and oversight of Accounts Payable, Financial Accounting, Fiscal Control, Material Control and Budget Operations..

Erica has manages accounting, finance, loans and revenue operations at RAC. A dynamic leader, Erica has accomplished in developing financial strategies that enhance organizational growth and maximize sustainability. Her expertise includes design of short- and long-term financial plans, investment management, financial problem solving, corrective action plan implementation, and compliance. Erica is responsible for the accounting integration for RAC-1.

Yuli Sun

Yuli Graduated from New York University and specializes in marketing analysis and management. She develops marketing strategies for new and existing events, products and services. She also oversees implementation of marketing strategies-including campaigns, events and digital marketing. Moreover, Yuli manages our social media presence and helps improve our reputation/recognition. She works closely with management and executives to define marketing materials and programs.


Mirna Sanchez 


Virginia Carrillo 


Natalie Lim 

Lili Chen

Acquisitions/Sales Associate

Joshua Jjemba

Benny Chen