The RAC Program

This is the bread-n-butter/ focus of our company and we are very good at what we do. The RAC program offers investors the opportunity to bid (buy) on properties at the public auctions aka trustee sales. Auctions happen everyday and we are here to get you the best deals on these distressed properties. We now cover Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

Investors go through RAC to purchase properties at the auction because we minimize the risks involved and because our investors trust us. RAC minimizes the risks by guaranteeing the title to the property. This means we perform a thorough chain of title search for each property at the auction. We usually search for loan position, judgements, liens, taxes, substandards, and any other issues effecting title.

RAC also assists our clients with the cash for keys negotiations. In the majority of acquired properties, the previous owner or tenants are still residing on the premise. RAC will assist you with either a cash for keys negotiation or eviction.

evictionWhy do investors buy properties at the auction? The answer is simple. Because buying properties at the foreclosure auction is cheaper than buying in the standard market or the short sale/ REO markets. On average, investors are looking at a 15-25% gain compared to market values. However, buying foreclosed homes at a lower price also comes with higher risks. There are title issues which we have already addressed. All properties sold at the auction are cash purchases (cashier’s check) and are sold in as-is condition. All sales are final.
  • RAC Foreclosure Service Agreement 
  • Funds (cashier’s checks)

After we have received your signed contract and full funds, you are ready to start bidding.

After signing the RAC Agreement and preparing the necessary cashier’s check, you are ready to begin the bidding process. The bidding process will be explained to you by one of our customer service reps.

Upon winning the property at the auction, RAC will exchange your cashier’s check with the auctioneer for a sales receipt. The Trustee’s Deed will arrive in the mail approximately 2 weeks later after the sale date.

We recommend, after receiving the deed, to initiate the eviction process. If your property is vacant, you may begin the renovation process. RAC will assist you until you take full possession of your property.

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