Property Acquisition

RAC Development specializes in property acquisition. We procure properties through many different channels. We are here to help investors acquire the best deals. With RAC by your side, you can purchase with confidence that your investments are safe with us.Through the hundreds of successful purchases, RAC has built a solid reputation in terms of top class customer service amongst our investor community and unmatchable property acquisition efficiency.

The RAC Development Family will help you obtain the utmost lucrative property for your investment. But we won’t stop there. We will keep working hard until you have possession of your property. Rest assured, we have the experience, knowledge, foresight, and reputation to make this ride smooth. So come on by our Arcadia office and join the many investors on building a strong financial future.

Are you looking for a retail stores, office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, farm land, multiple housing buildings, warehouses, or garages? RAC can help with finding the perfect match for your commercial needs.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a listing tool that agents use to see what properties other agents are selling on behalf of their seller. RAC has access to this valuable informational tool and can help clients find out all the properties that are selling in a certain area with a click of a button. We can help you find your dream home today!
Looking for land to purchase to rebuild on? RAC can help one acquire land in desired city of interest. We work with top notch architects who can help with the designing, planning, and development of a property.
Probate sales is the process of administering a decedent’s estate and is generally supervised by a probate court. RAC can be your personal probate acquisition agent. We can attend the probate sale and attend court confirmation of the sales to make sure we will continue to have the highest bid.
Real Estate Owned property (REO Sales) are property that went through foreclosure but didn’t get sold to anyone that the auction the title got transferred to the default owners (usually the mortgage lenders). This usually happens when the money owed on a foreclosure property is more than the house value. RAC can generate a list of properties that are currently being sold as REO properties and help one negotiate with acquiring a property.
These are sales currently being sold by the current owner because the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens and debt in full amounts. The property owner wants to sell the house before it goes to Trustee Sales. RAC can help investors find properties that are short sale deals and negotiate to strike a deal!
These are properties that have been delinquent in their taxes and they are sold by a taxing authority to recover delinquent taxes. A tax deed sale allow a post-sale “redemption period, this means the former owner has a specific amount of time to reclaim the property by repaying the amount that was bidded at the auction plus a penny. RAC can help you acquire a property through Tax sales today!
These are properties that are distressed and they go on foreclosure. Our investors are given a list of foreclosed properties the day before the auction begins. RAC will acquire these properties for our investors at the lowest possible price through our efficient and effective bidding system. Our years of foreclosure bidding experience combined with our real estate specialists will assist you by investing in the most profitable properties.