Property Management

propmgmt1Are you over working yourself from managing your own property? Are you unhappy with your current Management company? RAC Development Inc, can show you what a good management can do for you!

Services we offer:

Leasing: RAC Development can lease your property to qualified tenants! We market vacancies by many different types of advertisements to generate traffic to potential renters.

Maintenance: No one wants to be disturbed at 3 AM on a Saturday night for a water leak! RAC Development can handle any type of situation for you! We have our own set of handypersons and a variety of independent contracts that will provide you and your property both quality work at reasonable prices!

Rent Collections: We are very persistent about rent collections. Rents are due by the 10th and consider late by the 11th. Late fees are charged and if necessary, we know all the steps of pursuing legal auction if tenants are difficult.

Reporting: Our detailed Monthly Management report are sent out on the 15th of the month. This report will include the Cash Flow, income statement, and Current tenants rent that are being collected.

Thank you for your interest in RAC Development Inc.’s Property Management.

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